The bar at your event is quite possibly the most important factor in hosting a successful party.  

Let's get started by choosing what you'd like!

Fully Hosted Bar 
You're hosting the entire thing (which means you foot the bill!)

No-Host Bar
Guests buy their own drinks (Yep!  We do take Visa, MC and American Express)

Hosted Combo
You decide what you'd like to pay for and your guests purchase anything in addition (For example; Some hosts opt to buy a keg or 2 of beer and a few cases of wine for their guests when that's gone, guests may buy beer and wine)

Costs Beyond The Beverages

City Liquor Permits
Most locations require a temporary permit in order for us to pour alcohol. We'll take care of this for you and get it to your venue's property manager. (Filing this permit requires all the proper licensing and insurance to be legal, that's why you need us!)

Liability Insurance
Barfly carries the maximum amount of liability insurance coverage offered in the state of Idaho. If anything happens to one of your guests at your event, we've got you covered!

You are required to hire our bartenders to serve our alcohol for many reasons. Barfly recommends One bartender for every 40-50 guests. Our bartenders are paid for at a rate of $25 per hour.

We are happy to rent any glassware you'd like for your event and add the rental total to your bill. If you'd rather use Barfly's Eco Friendly disposable cups for beverage service we will include that at no additional charge.

Don't forget the Sales Tax
All alcohol purchased, whether it is paid for by you or your guests, will incur the 6% Idaho State Sales Tax (however, service and permitting is non-taxed!) 

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Our office staff will work with you directly to help you choose the best possible combination of beer & wine for your special event.